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The 3 Basic Aging Types and the Recommended Solutions

In one of our favorite episodes of the Dr. Oz Show, the wildly popular doctor goes on to explain along side two top dermatologists, what the three basic aging types are.

How to identify which categories your skin type falls under. And the best solutions to help turn back the clock on your aging skin!

The segment is titled ‘The 3 Basic Aging Types’ and opens up with the celebrity doctor asking, “What’s your aging type? Will you wrinkle? Will you get age spots? Will you develop saggy skin?”

The panel of doctors point out that “the single biggest clue to knowing how your face will age is … your family photos.” He states that for both women and men alike, it’s your mother and maternal grandmother “that pass along your facial features, your facial structure, that predicts the patterns of your aging and that’s going to tell you how you’re going to look when you get older.”(1)

However, don’t let this scare you! Dr. Gross, a top dermatologist on the show continues to say that “there’s good news because you may not age as much because now there are ingredients you can use and things you can do.”(1)

The whole audience even brought in pictures of their mothers and grandmothers including the doctors themselves, to review on national TV! They inspected a few and pointed out the main problem areas. Dr. Reich goes on to explain the 3 aging types.

A. Wrinkle Prone: When checking if you’re ‘wrinkle prone’ look specifically at the forehead and eyes of your mother and maternal grandmother. If you notice crow’s feet, fine lines, deep lines or a combination of them you are certainly ‘wrinkle prone’. What makes you ‘wrinkle prone’? The doctors state that not only genetics but your facial expressions such as squinting and worrying cause wear and tear leading to a break down in your collagen thus creating wrinkles.(1)

B. Pigmentation/Discoloration Prone: Look at the color of the cheeks. Do you see no discoloration, dark brown spots, some redness? If you see both brown and red spots then focus more on the brown spots because they correlate more with aging.(1,2)

C. Sagging Prone: Lastly, will you have saggy skin, turkey neck and jowels? Defined by loose, droopy skin. This occurs when your skin has lost its thickness because its lost collagen. Since your skin gets thinner as you age, gravity pulls on your skin and it’s too thin to resist it so it stretches.(2)

The segment closes out with Dr. Gross saying, “Our collagen are like Roman columns, like support beams that give our skin thickness and firmness and give us that younger look. Those roman columns give way. They became a little wiggly and wobbly. Peptides are going to promote and stimulates more of those collagen fibers.”(2)

The panel of highly credible doctors couldn’t stress enough that peptides are going to be your best friend when it comes to a solution for all three types of aging.

They will “not only rev up our cells to rev up more new collagen but it also prevents our cells from breaking down collagen.”(1) Thus helping to smooth out wrinkles, even out brown spots and help significantly to tighten and firm loose saggy skin.

So which product has everything the doctors recommended? We suggest a well reviewed and highly regarded product named DermaSet All-in-One Anti-Aging Solution. Among other powerful active ingredients, it has four of the most powerful peptides combined in an all-in-one to help erase the look of wrinkles and tighten saggy skin. You can read our experience after using it and a full review of DermaSet here. You will also find actual customer reviews there too.

Good luck on your adventure and remember that as with all skin care regimens, individual results may vary.

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