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7 Winter Lip Care Tips that Really Work

Chapped and cracked lips is a stressing nightmare of winter season. This skin of lips is more prone to get effected by dryness and cold than other body parts. Having cracks on the lips is not only a major beauty concern but also cause a lot of pain. In the chill months, your lips need much more attention and lip care. The application of lip balm definitely help you tackle the problem but keeping the lips well-moisturized and hydrated is also essential. Sometimes, nutritional deficiency manifests in lifeless and dull lips. So, you should consume healthy diet and plenty of water. Fresh fruits and vegetables nourish your lips elegantly, making them soft and beautiful. To learn few more tactics to maintain rosy lips in winter season, scroll down.

Winter Lip Care Tips
Here we give you some winter lip care tips which are effective for you.

1. Using the purified butter is one of the most effective natural remedies to treat extra dry and cracked lips.
2. Honey is well-known for its beauty benefits for skin. When applied on the skin, it acts as a best moisturizer and provide a sufficient nourishment to the skin cells. The healing properties of honey aids in treating cracked and chapped lips. Apply a generous amount of honey to your lips before going to sleep.
3. Another natural remedy for chapped lips is applying the milk cream. A combination of honey and milk cream works excellently to make the lips softer and pink.


4. Aloe Vera gel contains several beauty benefits. It is packed with skin-moisturizing and exfoliating elements. Take a bit of aloe Vera paste and apply it to your lips for few minutes. Then rinse off and feel the difference.
5. Prepare a mixture by combining glycerin and honey and use it to cure the cracks of lips.


6. Applying the mixture of beeswax and virgin olive oil is a best remedy to retain the moisture of lips.
7. To get pinky lips, apply the paste of rose petals on them. Take few rose petals and soak them in milk overnight. Next morning grind the rose petals to make a fine paste and apply it on your lips.

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