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cracked feet home remedies

Cracked feet don’t only look bad, but it can be a free way for germs to get in your body, although there are millions of reasons for this, but in roots, dryness and dehydration is the only reason of dry and dull looking cracked heels.

So you just need to keep them moisturizer and treat & prevent cracked feet, you will be able to get beautiful feet even if you are eating some horrible medicines that come with the side effects of cracked heels.

Here are some home remedies to keep your feet hydrated and beautiful naturally.

Warm Water

You would be thinking that this is never going to work, worm water will just make things worse instead making feel moisturizer and hydrated, but you got to listen me and give it a try, just before going to bed, take a small tub filled with worm water and add some liquid soap and if ask me which one is best then I will say any dry and damaged hair shampoo is best options and then soak your feet in it, if you don’t have any medical reason then add couple of teaspoon ACV in it too and soak your feet for 10-15 minutes, it is a very relaxing thing and it will help you get beautiful feet too, and then brush your feet with soft bristle and lava stone and then apply a thick layer of petroleum jelly or Vaseline and wear cotton soaks and wash it with running water and apply moisturizer, warm water is a really effective natural way to treat & prevent cracked feet.

Drinking Water

You have to keep your feet moisturizer from inside out, you need to drink lots of water, more then you usually do and keep your body and your skin moisturizer from inside out, along with water you can also increase the intake of fruits and vegetables and other healthy and moisturizer fruits and foods too.


Lemon is something that is famous for cleaning and healing properties as soon as you are not getting any direct sun interaction, mix Lemon juice with few drops of olive oil and apply it all over your feet and wear soaks and let it on overnight, if you feel any dryness and any rash then add tablespoon of glycerin in it and then brush it off with brush and lava stone in the morning and you will love the look instantly, lemon have very amazing effect for use to treat & prevent cracked feet.


Honey is the best natural anti aging, anti inflammatory, antiseptic and anti-fungal moisturizer and you can apply plain honey all over your feet once a day and if you want to add some more results then add a mashed and soft well ripped banana in it and apply for 20 minutes or till it get dry and then scrub it off with worm water. At the end, make a homemade moisturizer with lime juice, glycerin and rose water and apply over your feet for best results possible, Its better way to treat & prevent cracked feet.

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