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Cut a pimple shaving? Try this…

You wake up in the morning. You’re getting ready for work or school. You have to be there by 9 AM sharp. You wake up with little or no time to get ready to go. As you’re shaving you run the blade over a raised pimple. Slice. Blood is dripping down your neck and it seems as if there’s no end in stopping it in time. Sure a piece of toilet paper may help it but again you don’t have the time to wait.

What do you do?

Over the course of the years dealing with shaving over acne I have conjured up two great solutions to this problem. It’s as simple as getting yourself some ‘Nick’ relief. ‘Nick’ relief is a pencil like tool used to stop minor cuts when shaving. It costs less than $5 and is sold in almost every drug store.

Here’s what to do. Finish up shaving your face. Be sure not to cut yourself again! Pat your face dry with a paper towel (as you don’t want to bloody a nice cloth towel). Wet the tip of the ‘Nick’ relief pencil and wipe the excess water off of it. You want to get keep it moist in order to get the product onto your skin. Apply pressure to the affected area. Then slide the ‘Nick’ relied pencil over the cut area. Sit and allow it to dry. If it does not work the first time around repeat this entire process. I’ve never had it take longer than 7 minutes to fully dry up a cut. Once you are no longer bleeding you can continue to wash your face and proceed with any other regimen you have.

Tips: You can shave with your cleanser to save time. You’re killing two birds with one stone when doing this.

Alternatively: If you don’t have ‘Nick’ relief available at the moment check to see if you have a lemon. I’ve used lemon juice as a successful alternative. Plus is au’naturel.

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