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Face Packs And Masks

If you are not new here and this is not a very first blog that you are going to read then you would know that I am from a typical family and I grew up using home made things like Face Packs And Masks even in my childhood, way before my teenage and that is the main and the sole reason of my completely issue less skin, and that is the main reason that I don’t like any kind of lotions and masks that come in tubes and jars, I never ever bought these things, but I do spend money and time to making homemade mask though and today I am going to give a very magical recipe of a very simple, yet effective face packs and body mask and the benefits and result are unexplainable, you need to use it to see the results.

Here is the list of things that you required to make that body and face mask:

1. Red Lentil powder and you can buy it from market or you can make it at home too.
2. Fresh aloe aver gel and for that you need to take a big leaf of the plant and get the gel on the spot.
3. Raw tomatoes.
4. Ginger paste, or powder.

Now first of all you need to peel the green layer from the aloe vera leaf and get scrape out the gel from it, you can use a simple spoon for that too and you can use any knife too, now you need to take one tablespoon Red Lentil powder in a bowl and add the gel in it.

Now you need to take ginger paste and squeeze out the juice to the pack, you don’t need to use ginger paste in it, we just need juice, and add it in the same bowl in which we added Red Lentil and gel, now you need to take half a raw tomato and grate out the pulp to the face packs, you can grind it, to get the finest pulp or you can grate it too, you can use a folk, spoon or even your own hands to mix the mixture, but make sure you are using clean and hygienic hands.

Now leave it on room temperature and then scrub your face with muslin cloth and slightly worm cloth that will remove the dirt and oil from your face and will make it ready for the mask and will make your pores ready to absorb all the healthy and magical ingredient of the face packs, now tab dry your face and apply that mask all over your face and your body, you need to apply thoroughly and then let it get dry for a while, you need to give the mask 20-45 minutes and then you can scrub it off as it has Red Lentil so you can use it as a body scrubber too, but if you don’t want that then the mask will work automatically, wash it off with cold water and you will notice smooth, clear and healthy skin instantly, if you have super dry skin then add few drops of coconut oil with a bit of milk in it and if you have dry skin then juice of a lemon is sufficient for your mask and you don’t need to use it every day, once and twice a week would  be enough.

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