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How To Get Rid Of Chapped Lips

How To Get Rid Of Chapped Lips

In the time of winter season it is often found lips of many people are chapped that is they are very dried in condition.They might have tried a lot of treatments to cure this dryness but the ultimate result is that they even get worse.Did you ever think, what is it that causes this dryness? Well here is the best answer ,it is mainly due to dry weather conditions that is the winter.And in some cases this situation also can be hereditary.The scientific explanation is the skin of humans in almost all parts or areas is covered by thick layer called epidermis.This epidermis protects the inner layers and keeps them hydrated for longer periods.But in case of lips this does not do its job.Surprised! actually it is not present on the lips that is it does not cover the lips to protect it.This is the reason why the skin of lips appear pink.The pink color is due to appearance of blood flowing in the blood vessels.


Have you ever thought of making some home made remedies that can fight your dark and dry lips.Here are some of the tips that can help you to resist this dark and dry lips.But before going to their preparation we need to know some important proceedings that can help develop our lips.

Some Must Follow Daily Routine For Chapped Lips

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Avoid the temptation of licking your lips
  • Avoid plucking the skin plates of your lips
  • Scrub your lips before going to sleep.
  • Do not try to wet your lips with the help of saliva because this gonna make your condition worse.
  • Try to apply lip balms containing beeswax and some other natural moisturizers like aloevera etc.,
  • Try to avoid lip balms that can make your lips very dry requiring their application again and again.
  • Excited to know the ways to get rid of chapped lips

Here Are Some Home Made Lip Balms For Chapped Lips

Method-1 Treatment For Chapped Lips
We know that both coconut oil and honey are good moisturizing agents that is they have good tendency keeping something moisturized.So by keeping these things in mind we have chosen these two ingredients.Honey is one of the most power full moisturizing agents and it is used in moisturizing treatment.I think this tip would be one of the best remedies that i would suggest.

To begin with all you need is simple just one tea spoon of honey and one tea spoon of coconut oil. Mix them in equal quantities that is one tea spoon of honey and one tea spoon of coconut oil.Now this is turned into a fine lotion.Now after preparing this lotion take a fine cloth and would it around your middle finger or any other finger that you feel comfortable with.


Just dip your which is wounded with the cloth into the lotion and apply this lotion gently on your lips and scrub it very gently as that your dealing with the lips of a very small baby.By doing this regularly you can see from nowhere that your dark and dry lips are turning into a juicy pinkish lips.

Method – 2 How To Get Rid Of Chapped Lips
We all know that honey is a very good agent and we discussed about earlier.So this lipbalm is also made of some very good ingredients.Coming to the oil you may any oil of choice in this blog post i am gonna use coconut oil.

First of all you need to take some sugar into a container and add required quantity of oil and honey to it. Now you are going to add some lemon to it.Mix them in such a way that it should not turn into a fine paste that it should be very particle contained that is it should contain large amount of sugar and the paste wet sand.Now store this paste in a bottle and use when you can.Apply in on your lips and let it be for around 10 minutes and clean it with a wet cloth.Use this daily as a lip balm,and enjoy the results.


This lotion that i am gonna tell you will be very effective and can be useful in many ways.The lotion involves a combination of just simple oils and combination is simply perfect.let us see how it is made

Things Required

1.Castor oil

2.Mustard oil


4.Lemon juice


1.Take a bowl and one teaspoon of castor oil,mustard oil,glycerine each

2.Now add three or four tea spoons of lemon juice.

3.Now a fine paste is formed and apply this paste on your lips before going to sleep.

4.After waking up in the morning clean your lips with wet cotton.

5.By doing this process regularly you can see that your lips turned into healthy one.

Almond oil can be of great use in your persistence to get rid of chapped lips:

Take a bowl,now add equal proportions of both honey and almond oil.Apply this lotion on your lips and massage it gently.Let it be for around thirty minutes.Follow this procedure for three to four a day.This treatment moisturizes your lips and keeps them pinkish.
We also some interesting composition that can help to get rid of chapped lips:

Method-3 Removes Dead Skin Cells From Chapped Lips
This home made remedy for treating chapped lips removes dead skin cells from your lips and makes them fuller and reddish

Things Required :

1.Rose petals


3.Milk cream




1.Make a fine paste of rose petals by grinding them in mixer grinder.

2.Now take this paste into a bowl and add one tea spoon of honey and milk cream each.

3.Make a fine paste of this mixture and apply it on your lips gently and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes.

4.After this wash it milk and then with water.

Method-4 Home Remedy To Keep Your Lips Moisturized


1.Turmeric powder

2.Lemon extract


Take a pinch of turmeric powder in a bowl and add one tea spoon of lemon extract.Mix them well

so it turns out into a very good paste.Apply this gently on your lips and wash it off after 10 minutes.

This will repair the dead skin cells from your lips and keeps them moisturized.


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