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How to Apply Full Sheet Nail Decals

Nail Decals

Applying full sheet nail decals is an instant way to enhance the beauty of nails and hands dramatically. These nail decal are easily available on the markets in a huge variety at very reasonable prices and look perfect with all shades of nail polishes.

You can select different designs of full sheet nail decal according to occasion and your outfit. If you are confused about how to apply full sheet nail decals, keep on reading to learn the procedure.

Things Required

Basic Manicure Tools (nail polish remover, cotton swabs, lukewarm water in a bowl, nail clipper, nail file etc)
Nail paints / Nail polishes
Base nail coat
Top Coat
Orange wood stick

How to Apply Full Sheet Nail Decals

First of all, prepare your nails by giving them home manicure treatment. For this, remove the residues of old nail polish with the help of nail polish remover and cotton swabs. Then soak your hands for few minutes. The next steps involve trimming and filing of nails, removing the cuticles and moisturizing your hands and nails.

After preparing your nails, apply a single layer of good-quality base coat to all your nails and allow it to dry completely.

Once the base coat has dried well, apply any of your favorite nail polish over the base coat. For a fine coverage, you have to apply two layers of colored polish but be sure that the first coat is dried well before you start the application of second coat.

Now, pick out the chosen full sheet nail decal from packet and use the scissor to trim them according to the fitting of your nails. Then place the nail decal on your nail and gently rub the orange stick over it.

In the next step, peel off the sheet of nail decal and observe your nails. Press down the edges properly if they haven’t adhered utterly.

Repeat the same process for all nails and file the edges of the full sheet nail decals. Finally, apply a fine layer of topcoat and enjoy beautiful nails.

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